What We Do

01. We Listen

Sometimes, it’s easier talking to a stranger confidentially about what you are going through than to a loved one. We won’t judge you as everyone here has been in the same place.

If you just want to talk or you need advice, we are here for you.
(Call us on 07858 258 595 or message us: info@familyinmind.org)

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02. We Support

Looking for information around mental health illness, signposting to what is out there or to find out how to participate in one-to-one well-being or online support programs?

If you need help, we are here for you.

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03. We Get Together

Online support and speaking to someone are all well and good but how about we do fun things together as peers?

Coffee mornings, hiking, kayaking, having an outdoor BBQ, dance, watch a movie, listen to music and just remember to live your own life too!

I wanted to live and I am sure you do too, letting your hair down whether alone, with your partner or with other peers.

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04. Respite

Our eventual goal is to provide you with an escape, not forever, but for a night or a weekend. Somewhere nice, alone or with other peers to recharge your batteries so that your love remains strong and any frustrations subside or diminish.

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