Family in Mind

Supporting the emotional health and well-being of those caring for others suffering with mental and physical health issues.

Supporting Carers

Who We Are

We are carers that decided a coffee afternoon and a biscuit is not enough to alleviate the stress built up over time looking after loved ones. That stress can turn love into resentment. We thought what better way to relieve the stress than by meeting up with like-minded people – other carers who also would like a bit of fun.

Family in Mind was set up for peer to peer support. We do this by getting together twice a month. During the summer those meets can be during the day or early evening while it’s still light, and in winter we will meet up during the day time often on weekends.

 Family In Mind CiC are not connected or affiliated with Mind (The National Association For Mental Health) in any way.

Making A Donation

We are a not-for-profit organisation that relies on donations and charitable funds to bring our services to those who need it. It’s up to you and any amount will do!

All donations are gratefully received and enable us to provide extra support to you and others in your situation.



Our Mission

To connect to those who care for a loved one when they themselves need care.

Get Involved

It’s easy to get involved.
If you have found yourself caring for someone who has a mental or physical health condition, get in touch.

If you are on top of it and found a routine that works please share your experience to enable others who might be suffering to try something new.

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